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All of-a-Kind-Family at the Tenement Museum

On November 5th, the Tenement Museum in New York City hosted an event to celebrate the release of the entire All of-a-Kind Family series. Joining Lizzie Skurnick was Sydney Taylor biographer June Cummins, historian Hasia Diner, and journalists Rebecca Traister and Anna Holmes. Through the magic of technology, you can watch the entire event here .

Meg Wolitzer on why YA — and Lizzie Skurnick Books — is OK

“( Lois Duncan ! M.E. Kerr ! Norma Klein ! Oh, bliss!)”. We agree:  A Not-So-Young Audience for Young Adult Books

Isabel’s War Gets a Starred Review in Publishers Weekly

“Published posthumously, Perl’s moving WWII novel set in the Bronx traces a Jewish girl’s growing awareness of the atrocities occurring overseas. At first, 12-year-old Isabel views the war as an inconvenience, bemoaning new rationing rules and the growing shortages of luxury items. Similarly, she resents the arrival of Helga, a beautiful German refugee with “a swanlike neck, and luminous gray-green Read more…

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