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The Groovy Retro Design of LS Books

An article in the New Republic talks about how 1970’s-era typefaces are going back into style, with a prominent mention of LS Books.

Merci Kathleen Hale, Honored Merperson: A Young Adult Author’s Fantastic Crusade to Defend Literature’s Most Maligned Genre | Nerve

Lizzie Skurnick Books should probably add this to our library, although we might need the book-length version: “Why did you say that about YA?” I asked, as tears streamed down my face like rain.“Because it’s true!” she hissed. And I saw in the moonlight that her anger made her beautiful. This was before the war, when the oceans still had Read more…

Tablet Magazine on “All-of-a-Kind Family”

Tablet Magazine ran a nice article on the LS Books reissue of the “All-of-a-Kind Family” books.

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