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Lilli's Quest

Lila Perl

Germany on the cusp of World War II. Hitler has risen to power, and the Jews are being taken away from their homes in the middle of the night, forced to wear yellow stars, their businesses smashed, their lives in ruins. In the middle of all this is Lilli Frankfurter, a half-Jewish girl on the cusp of adolescence, her life and family thrust into the midst of a danger she has only begun to understand.

In the stunning sequel to Isabel’s War, Lila Perl, who completed this book just months before her death, brings wartime Germany, England, and America to life through Lilli’s eyes. From Kristallnacht to hiding in her grandparents’ attic to the Kindertransports that take her to an isolated farm in the English countryside, separated from her family, Lilli must repeatedly hide her identity in order to stay alive. In her final novel, Perl brilliantly evokes Lilli’s desperate journey to America—as well as her brave quest back to Europe to find out if anything is left of her family.

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→ Lila Perl




Winter 2015

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December 1, 2015

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